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Guitar Learning System

Learn Guitar Online - Reviews

One of the wonders of the modern age, is the availability of practically anything on the internet. This includes all types of educational products, in this case Guitar Training courses - learn guitar online. Without doubt there are plenty of sites that offer this for free, but only to a limited degree. The main problem being content. We've looked at most of the paid training products available, and have set down what we believe to be the best ones. So read our Learn Guitar Online Reviews below and decide for yourself.......

Learn & Master Guitar

This is a top quality course comprising of 10 DVDs/5 CDs and a course lesson book. The only downside to this product, is the cost. BUT it is the best guitar training course on the internet we feel, and well worth the money!

After ordering Learn & Master Guitar it arrived very quickly. This is a very good product, comprehensive and professionally written, well packaged and with great tutorials for both beginners and experienced players.

Learn & Master Guitar Visit The Site


This is an online based system. Meaning there are no DVDs or CDs and no printed manual. Everything is done online via the computer, using screen videos. This is a very inexpensive learn guitar course, considering the content provided, and not only teaches you how to play guitar, but also to read TAB. The course caters for beginners to advanced, including nearly 150 online videos and 30 or so tracks to Jam with. This is one of the most popular training systems on the net.

Jamorama Visit The Site

Guitar Tricks

This is an online video based system. The site has been around for 10 years now, and warrants serious consideration. This is a membership based system, with monthly subscription. With thousands of online video available, and being added to on a daily basis, it is excellent value for money. There are 46 individual guitar teachers and multiple styles of teaching, one to suit everybody. Each lesson has full diagrams, extra information and tablature, so no trouble to understande all you are being taught. Guitar tricks has a unique system called Jam Station. There are 150 tracks in the Jam Station and more added to all the time. Brilliant for playing alomg to. This is one of our highest recommended sites.

Guitar Tricks Visit The Site


Once again an online based system. No DVDs or CDs and no printed manual with over 400 hours of on screen interactive video. Everything is done online via the computer. Again, for what you get, is a very inexpensive guitar course, considering the content provided. Teaches beginners, intermediate and experienced guitarists on all aspects of learning the guitar. Member area has Chords, Scales, Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Backing Tracks. There is a real lot of content here, for a very competitive price. We have given it a very high rating.

Jamplay Visit The Site

Guitar Tutor Pro

This is another computer based product, with great interactive software and corresponding installation guides. It has so many great features that it will be hard for you to keep track of them all! Containing e-books, and accompanying audio files. If you can stick through the tough beginning, then practice daily, following the teaching methods, you will make rapid progress. As a comparison with other selling products that are higher priced this system comes highly recommended for its sheer content quality. Overall, a great way to learn guitar online!

Guitar Tutor Pro Visit The Site

Playing through the Blues

Computer based system with videos, jam tracks, ebooks, tablature and some nice extra bonuses! If you like the blues then this is THE course to buy. This is one of the most enjoyable training programs we looked at. Not least because most of us grew up learning blues-licks right at the start. The course targets beginner to intermediate, though as advanced guitarists, most of our team loved some of the new stuff we hadn't seen before. This blues guitar course comes with numerous mp3 and video downloads. We liked the training style, it was perfectly paced and easy to follow. The main site gives a taster of what you will get, and comes highly recommended.

Playing through the Blues Visit The Site


We really liked this superb guitar tool. Lots of extra bonuses included too. For those guitarists who find it difficult to pick out lead solos, this is such a valuable piece of software. The tool enables CD ripping, Mp3 saving from wavs, and allows playing of all new file formats. The tool as with all offers reviewed, carries a full refund, though we doubt very much whether this will fail to impress. We have given it a tie 4th, as it is just one aspect with guitar teaching.

RiffMasterPro Visit The Site

Guitar Burning Speed

Program based system with lots of lovely bonuses! I have to say that we were very impressed with the way this system teaches shredding. No fluff, just everything you need to know, including strengthening exercises that are vital for sustained performance. If you play guitar or are a beginner, this is a great way to pick up the pace you play at. As with all the guitar learning courses we have featured, this one offers a full refund if it fails to impress. But it will! We have given it a tie 4th, simply because it offers one particular guitar teaching aspect, rather than the whole package.

Guitar Burning Speed Visit The Site

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