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Playing guitar is so popular nowadays that you will hardly meet someone who hasn’t touched the guitar strings. When you’ve made up your mind to start learning to play guitar through your individual effort without a teacher, there are several things you have to know.

You will wonder how many self-taught persons are among great guitar players! It may seem to be a tough task at the beginning. But with some efforts and patience you can master guitar playing in 3-4 months. Basically from the standpoint of neuropsychology playing guitar doesn’t differ much from doing some usual things like knitting, for example. Both hands work simultaneously. Though, when knitting, your both hands do the same job, but when playing guitar it goes a bit different. Your left hand presses and holds strings in certain places, but the fingers or even the thumb of your right hand produce sound in various waysplucking, striking, picking or strumming the strings. Each of your hands does a different job, but if you know how to play a song, they work coordinated.

The guitar isn’t a complicated instrument to master, but it requires constant practice. You won’t certainly become Jimi Hendrix in a flash but, once you learn a few basic things about the guitar and have everything needed, in a couple of weeks you’ll play your first simple song.

Teach Yourself Guitar Playing Clever

The most powerful source of the best online guitar lessons is YouTube, where guitarists share their experience with the guitar for free. You must only know what you look for. There is practically everythingfrom simple things like tuning the guitar to the hard to play songs. If you write in the search box of YouTube: “how to tune the guitar”, you’ll find more than 300, 000 videos from different guitar teachers. You can choose whatever you like. Teach yourself guitar playing clever. Many of them lead to the bunch of guitar lessons of the same teacher. If you want to make guitar playing a hobby, YouTube videos will do. If you want more and have a talent for music, then you’d better visit the sites mentioned below.

Review of Guitar Learning Sites

Having looked through guitar learning reviews, we have found out that the best site on the Internet is Jamplay.com, but it’s not free. You’ll have to pay almost 20 bucks every week. Here is the list of the best guitar learning sites:

1. Jamplay – $19.95 for 7 days;
2. Gibson‘s Learn & Master Guitar – $149.00 for 60 days;
3. Beginner Guitar System – $97.00 for 90 days;
4. Jamorama – $49.95 for 60 days;
5. Guitar Tricks – $14.95 for 60 days;
6. Infinite Guitar – $10.95 for 3 days;
7. Blues Learning System – $149.00 for 60 days;
8. Guitar Tips – $27.00 for 60 days;
9. Guitar and Bass – $27.00 for the lifetime;
10. Speed Learning Guitar System – $147.00 for 60 days.

Only four of them (Jamplay, Guitar Tricks, Infinite Guitar and Blues Learning System) give advanced lessons, practically all of themintermediate lessons, and the first four teach kids guitar playing. As far as beginners concerned, they get lessons on every site.